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Society insurance is an insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing the damage caused to the physical structure of the property in the event of damage or theft. It will cover everything, which could be considered a permanent part of a property. This includes the super-structure, Plinth & Foundations, Roof, Floors, Walls and any fitted or permanent fixtures.

Risk Coverage

The cause of the damage is important. A typical policy will cover the holder from damage, which is out of their control, and may include (without being limited to) the following:


  • Fire, Lightening and Explosion

  • Earthquake

  • Flood, Inundation, Storm, Typhoon, Hurricane, Cyclone etc.

  • Riot, Strike, Malicious or Terrorist act

  • Damage caused by aircraft

Items to cover

A common point of confusion is the extent to which a building’s insurance policy will protect your possessions in the event of damage. While some might assume that by insuring the building you’ve made sure that everything in it will also be covered, this is not the case. For personal items, freestanding appliances and decorative items, like carpets and curtains, contents insurance is usually required to provide cover. It is always worth checking the details of your policy to confirm the extent of your cover.


Buildings insurance is calculated on reinstatement value, not the market value of a property. This means the property will be insured for the cost of repairing any and all damage after a catastrophic event. This is an important distinction, as you will not be covered for the market value of the property prior to the damage. As with most insurance policies, the price will vary depending on a number of conditions, including the extent of your cover, the value of what is under protection, and any extras, which you may wish to add to the policy.

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