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Your company has taken GMC. Do you think you don’t need a separate health plan?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Imagine that you’re working in a large company. You are happy with your job, salary, and growth. One fine day, an entrepreneur bug hits you and you decide to quit and do something else with your destiny. Very nice! Beautiful! What better than working for yourself and creating something long-lasting.

But wait!

A crucial part of an entrepreneurial journey is to evaluate all possible risks and take proper steps to mitigate them. Have you done so?

Have you bought “Health Insurance” for yourself and your family?

You may say that till date there was no need for you to buy health insurance because you were covered in “Group Medical Plans”, which your employer had taken. You are technically right but practically wrong.

Take a deeper look...

If you buy a family floater health plan now, it will cover you and your family from hospitalization risks due to accidents and illnesses. But have you ever thought... from when? Most of the health plans have a "waiting period". This means they will not cover anything and everything from Day 1. In the first year of your policy, they’ll only cover accident-related hospitalizations. They will not provide any cover for your pre-existing diseases such as cardio issues, cerebrum problems, and renal disorders. In most policies, pre-existing diseases will be covered only from year 3 or later.

This means that you have to give time to your health policy to get matured. Only then, will it benefit you. It is like a mango tree. A mango tree takes about four years to bear fruit. In the same manner, you should buy your health insurance well in advance so that when you leave your job, your health plan is matured enough to take care of your medical needs.

So, be a little active, plan a little in advance, and live life a little worry-free :-)

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