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Fire Insurance – Residential (Building/Society/Bungalow)

Fire accidents are constantly increasing. As shown by a recent ADSI report, it can be concluded that residential buildings are highly prone to fire outbreaks. As a matter of fact, 56% of the total fire accidents take place in residential buildings, with cooking gas and electrical short circuits being the major reason along with the growing automations (electrical gadgets, decorative material, LPG connections, upholstery, etc.).

These accidents can mainly be attributed to modern high-rise buildings not meeting the optimal fire infrastructure, the country not having enough fire stations and the staff being poorly trained. As of December 31, 2018, an analysis of government data* shows that emergency fire services have a 90% shortage of staff, 78% shortage of fire-fighting equipment and a 61% shortage of fire stations against a 2012 requirement.

So, in these uncertain times, be prudent and insure what you have. The cost of insuring your property (building/society/house) is insignificant compared to the risks involved.

*Source: Rajya Sabha

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