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Manage your risk by insuring your building

Life is uncertain. We all know this. But we realize this most when something unthinkable strikes us. Probably, this is exactly what we are experiencing now. The ongoing Pandemic has made us understand that we need to pause for some time and see whether we are aware of the various risks we are exposed to or not. Have we covered them properly? What are the options available to us to de-risk ourselves?

One such exposed risk is your society/building/bungalow, where you live. Your home is your dream abode where you live in the present and dream for the future. Therefore, it is advisable to secure your society/building/bungalow from any unwanted eventuality like fire, earthquake, storm, flood, inundation, etc.

The insurance covers the plinth, foundation, superstructure and anything permanent, which is attached to the building. It does not cover the internal furniture, electrical items, paintings, etc. inside the bungalow or flat.

Honestly speaking, it is not expensive to buy such insurance policies. The premium depends upon the zone wherein your building falls. As per the risk of earthquakes, India is divided into four zones. Zone 1 represents the highest risk zone and Zone 4 represents the lowest risk zone. Ahmedabad falls under Zone 3. Take a look at the cost of insuring your society/building/bungalow:

  1. If you are a builder (You’ve constructed a building but not yet handed over to the members’ co-operative society): Annual premium for a sum insured of ₹ 20 cr (assuming the cost of reinstatement of your building is ₹ 20 cr) would be approximately ₹ 68,000 plus GST.

  2. If you are a members’ co-operative society: Annual premium for a sum insured of ₹ 20 cr (assuming the cost of reinstatement of your building is ₹ 20 cr) would be approximately ₹ 1,25,000 plus GST.

What we do?

We are a unit of Aequitas Insurance Brokers Private Limited, which is registered with IRDA as an insurance broker. As a registered broker, we represent our clients to the insurance companies and negotiate the best quotes with maximum coverages. We are different than an insurance agent. An agent represents one particular company and therefore is more inclined to sell the policy of his company only. Whereas, as a broker, we are authorized to work with all the insurance companies and therefore can find the best available risk coverage and price from the insurance companies for the client.

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