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A Group Medical Insurance plan provides risk coverage to the people who belong to a specific group or work under the same organization. Normally, an employer buys this policy for its employees. This policy offers great benefits to both the employer and the employees.

For Employer:​

  • It creates sense of belonging among employees towards the organization, which enhances productivity and hence the profitability.

  • If frees the employees from health related worries of their families, which allows them to focus on work and increases their effectiveness.

  • It is a great risk management tool, which protects the organization against large cash outflow in case of sudden health conditions of its key employees.

For Employees:

  • Premium for the policy is borne by the employers.

  • Most of the group medical plans cover the pre-existing diseases of the employees from the date the employee joins the organization.

  • It also covers member’s immediate family viz. spouse, dependent children and dependent parents etc.

Hospitalization benefits

  • Room, boarding expenses

  • Nursing expenses

  • Fees for medical practitioner, surgeon, anesthetist, consultants, and specialists.

  • Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, OT charges, surgical appliances, medicines, diagnostic materials, etc.

Other benefits

  • Pre hospitalization expenses

  • Post hospitalization expenses

  • Domiciliary hospitalization expenses

  • Daycare treatment

Additional benefits

Some additional covers are available on extra premium:

  • Maternity benefits

  • Inclusion of pre-existing disease

  • Dental treatment

  • Waiver of waiting period, etc.

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