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Film insurance, which was once considered an additional burden for film producers, has now become a norm. Both public and private general insurers are actively offering products catering to the needs of the film industry.

At present, nearly 70% of the films produced in Bollywood are covered under insurance whereas big-budget films from South India are also looking for insurance covers. For regional movies, insurance adoption or penetration is presently at around 25%.

Film Production Package Insurance

It comes into effect in the pre-production and production stages. The policy covers any damages to the sets and its equipment.  The policy also covers any losses if production of the film or shoot is affected due to other perils like adverse weather conditions or act of god incidents like earthquakes and tsunamis. Additionally, some other potential risks like injury/critical illness to the lead artistes leading to disruption or delay in shooting are also covered by various insurers.

Distributor's Loss of Revenue Insurance (DLOR)

It comes into effect once the movie is released. Through this policy, distributors safeguard their projected income. Some risks that the policy addresses include the impact on the post-release revenues due to factors like opposition from some political/social groups, calls for boycotts/strikes and violent protests and riots, acts of God such as floods or earthquakes. The cover commences before the release of the movie until 60 to 90 days after.

Further Coverages

  • Extended Pre-Production Cast Insurance

  • Cast Insurance

  • Props, Sets, Wardrobes & Equipments

  • Film Negative

  • Personal Accident

  • Third-Party Property Damage

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